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AEM performs NABERS Energy, Water, Waste ratings but specialises in NABERS Indoor Environment (IE) ratings

To date, all tested buildings have achieved at least a 4.5 star rating out of a possible 5 stars and a number of buildings have achieved 5 stars

Prices are very competitive with a quick turnaround time.

Free advice and information is given over the phone prior to a rating being organised.

NABERS ratings are performed all over Australia

NABERS ratings can be performed in conjunction with an IAQ audit which then provides two results for marginally more than the price of one

Call on (02) 4655 4486 or 0417 897000

Alternatively email:

The NABERS approach to rating the environmental performance of buildings is world leading and unique. It takes real, measured impacts and communicates these in a clear and simple way.

 Through NABERS, the Australian property industry has a credible standard to confidently communicate results, and to judge environmental initiatives by their actual results in star ratings. 

NABERS star ratings are the common language for sustainability in the property sector, and high NABERS ratings are associated with lower operating expenses, lower vacancy rates and higher investment returns.  

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