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AEM tests for a wide range of factors that contribute to poor air quality. Some of these factors are:

Relative Humidity
Carbon Dioxide
Carbon Monoxide
Respirable Particulate Levels (PM10)
Total Volatile Organic Compound Levels
Airborne Microbial Levels

AEM Air Quality Audits are site specific and other tests are included or excluded depending on the requirement for the testing.

AEM Air Quality Audits are very competitive in price. The audits are performed promptly and there is a quick turnaround for final reports. 

AEM performs indoor air quality audits all over Australia.

AEM also provides free advice over the phone when required.

As a rule, all high airborne microbial counts are repeat tested at no extra charge to the client. 

AEM Indoor Air Quality Audits satisfy OH&S requirements set by external auditors such as the Marsh Insurance Group.

AEM Indoor Air Quality Audits also satisfy the requirements in section 8.25 of the Occupational and safety Code of Practice 2008.

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