Wireless Office Testing

Australian Environmental Monitoring is now working with EMR Surveys Pty
Ltd with regard to  measuring and monitoring Electro Magnetic Fields
(EMF) in the office environment.

We all use the wireless systems: photocopiers, printers, mobile phones,
LAN networks all utilise wireless technology. We are also subject to
EMF's from Telecom and TV towers located outside of the office

Think you have a problem with your office, or you would just like to
know what the EMF levels are in your workplace? We can measure the field
strengths surrounding you and let you know if your office is compliant
with the latest national and international standards.

Call on 0417 89 7000 or email stephenw@enviromonitor.com.au or visit
Autralian Environmental Monitoring at www.enviromonitor.com.au for more